Scorpion Solitaire Rules


The objective in Scorpion solitaire is to move all cards to the foundation. Do this by arranging the tableau cards into four same-suited runs from King down to Ace.


A standard deck of 52 cards is shuffled then dealt as a 7x7 array onto the tableau. Cards are dealt face-up, except for the top-left 4x3 array of cards which are left face-down. The remaining three cards are kept as stock, ready to be dealt at any time.



You win the game of Scorpion when you have moved all completed runs to the foundation.

Strategy and Hints:

Scorpion is one of the more difficult games at every stage of play, rarely resulting in a win. The moves available to you are usually few in number; it's entirely possible that your only starting move can be to deal stock, and even then, lose the game with no further moves available to you. Nevertheless, Scorpion is winnable. The key insight is to manage the ordering of card movement by recognizing dependencies between the moves.

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