Spider Solitaire Rules


The objective in Spider solitaire is to move all cards to the foundation. Do this by arranging the tableau cards into eight same-suited runs from King down to Ace.


After shuffling two decks (total of 104 cards), 54 cards are dealt as evenly as possible to each of the ten columns in the tableau, with only the top cards facing up. The remaining 50 cards are divided into five groups of ten cards each, and placed in the stock, ready to be dealt to the tableau one group at a time.

Cara Games Spider Solitaire features three variants. 1-suit Spider is the easiest as all 104 cards are of the same one suit. 2-suit Spider is of middling difficulty as the 104 decks are evenly split between a red suit and a black suit, introducing new dynamics in managing cards and runs. In the 1-suit and 2-suit variants, suits are chosen at random at the start of each new game. 4-suit Spider stands at the pinnacle of difficulty and is the most exciting challenge with two standard 52-card decks.



You win the game of Spider when you have moved all completed runs to the foundation.

Strategy and Hints:

Spider solitaire is easy to learn the rules of and difficult to master. Try these strategies, tactics, and hints to help you master Spider.


Spider solitaire is a deep, challenging, and rewarding game. With two decks and heavy manipulation, Spider is a card game that truly benefits from computerization: Shuffling and dealing is completely automated, hints reveal moves hiding in plain sight, and the undo system makes it easy for people to explore different paths and possibilities to winning. Cara Games Spider Solitaire is intelligently designed and highly playable, a fresh take on Spider solitaire. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do!

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